In just a few clicks, you can get back in touch with all of last year's workers with details on the upcoming season, pay and benefits. Download our app, post a job, add your workers, and save tons of time on recruiting. Our app is designed to keep you in touch with your workers from year to year, even if they change their phone numbers. 

Our worker retention tool is free to use until September 1, 2017, at which point it will cost the employer just $1 per month per worker that you include on the platform. So if you have 30 workers, that's $30 a month, cancel anytime. 


Many farmworkers change employers more than 4-6 times per year. Some of that is due to the harvest season. But much of that is chasing promises of greener pastures. 

We collect feedback from workers to help you understand where your pastures are particularly green, and where they could use a little attention. Workers can rank employers anonymously on pay, benefits, supervisor treatment, health & safety, and keeping their word.

You earn Gold Employer designation if you receive an average of four stars and above on reviews and Silver Employer if you receive an average of 3 stars. Workers see these designations and can make decisions based on more than just the pay rate.